Market from a Place of Service and Love

I’m going to be real here. When I started my business almost 10 years ago, I left a good paying job to start my own business. I had two teenage children and college was right around the corner. I needed to make up my lost income fast. 

When I was in front of a prospect I pushed the sale hard because I saw them as dollar signs, not people. Despite my poor sales technique, my business was growing. (Hard to believe right?!?!)  But over time I grew to really love what I was doing and eventually I had a light bulb moment.  I understood that what I was doing had a greater purpose.  I realized I wasn’t selling marketing services, but I was helping companies grow their business and increase their revenue. When that happens, the owner and their employees prosper  (and of course their families!!)  They get to live better lives because of what I was doing. WOW!!! Just wow!! It was a big moment for me.

Once I shifted my mindset to a place of love and service, my business took off. I started loving on entrepreneurs and business leaders because I really wanted to see them succeed. It was no longer about me, it was about them!  

So what is your why? Are you here to love and serve your customers or are your motives more selfish.  Clients and potential clients can tell the difference. If you support them, they will support you back.

Make sure that you are clear on your “why.” Know your purpose and share it in your marketing so that your prospects know that their success is as important to you as your own.

About the author: Meg Huwar is a small business marketing expert and Principal of Brand Accelerator. She and her team work with companies who want to market their business but don’t have the time, knowledge or staff to do it themselves. Meg can be reached at

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