How Your Story Can Grow Your Business

Over the last few months I’ve been doing marketing coaching for a very talented life coach. She teaches her clients how to communicate better so that they can stand up for themselves and be heard. Obviously, when you can’t do that, it leads to stress, anxiety and frustration, so the work she does is really important.

When I first met her, I asked WHY she did this work. Not HOW she does it – I wanted to know her story. 

It turns out her story is fascinating. She’s such a likeable, happy person, that it’s hard to believe she was ever someone who struggled with pain. 

But in her story, her potential clients can see themselves. And when they see that she was able to come out on the other side happier and healthier, they will not only identify with her, but also want to work with her.

You can use your story to do the same.

Remember, in this digital age, people are going to research you on the internet before they do business with you. Sure, they want to know you’re an expert, but they also want to know WHY you do what you do, not just HOW you do it. 

Stories sell. If people can identify with you as a human being, they are far more likely to choose you over your competitor.


About the Author: Meg Huwar is a small business marketing expert and Principal of Brand Accelerator. She and her team work with companies who want to market their business but don’t have the time, experience or staff to do it themselves. Meg can be reached at or 412-848-8822.

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