Overcoming the Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

Last week I talked about how “your story” can grow your business. Sharing stories has been a big marketing strategy for the last several years.
When I work with clients, we talk about how much the business owner is willing to share of themselves in their marketing.
In other words, can we tell their story?
Can we use their photo?
Can we talk about how their knowledge and experience will help their clients?
Some clients are all in.
Some won’t even consider it. They want to stay behind the scenes.
But in 2021 people want to know your story. They want to know, like and trust you before they do business with you.
How Do You Put Yourself Out There? 
How do you share your vulnerabilities and how much do you actually put out for the world to see?
Sharing yourself and your story can be scary.
I was super uncomfortable when I started blogging, writing weekly e-blasts and doing social media. I was afraid people wouldn’t like my content.
But over time, I’ve become more comfortable with it. And more importantly, it’s helped me grow my business and develop connections with people that I couldn’t do in person.
So How Do You Get Started?
Just Do It!
It’s like jumping off a cliff…you just have to do it!
Don’t overthink it or put it off.
Once you do it and realize that the sky didn’t fall, you’ll build the confidence to keep going.
If you want to grow your brand and position yourself as an expert, you need to share your knowledge with the world. I recently heard someone say that it’s actually wrong not to share your gifts with people. That resonated with me.
It might feel uncomfortable sharing your thoughts, but remember, it isn’t about you… it’s about the people you serve.
It’s about how they can benefit from your experience. Whether you’re talking about weight loss, financial planning or legal advice, what you know can help others.
You have the ability to make a big impact by sharing your knowledge and in the end that’s more important than your pride.
About the Author: Meg Huwar is a small business marketing expert and Principal of Brand Accelerator. She and her team work with companies who want to market their business but don’t have the time, experience or staff to do it themselves. Meg can be reached at mhuwar@thebrandaccelerator.com or 412-848-8822.

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