The Secrets to Creating Content

Have you ever wondered how some people create so much content? They’re always posting on social media, creating videos and sending beautiful emails. How do they do it? Where do they find the time?

It’s actually quite easy, but you need to know the secrets. Here they are…

  1. Planning

They don’t whip out a bunch of content when they have time. They block out time on their schedule once or twice a month so they can plan what they want to say and when they want to say it. In other words, they create a content calendar.

  1. Repurposing Content

Create one compelling piece of content and use it multiple ways. Here’s an example of what we do for several clients. We write one blog article and post it to their website. Then we write a social media post about that topic and include a link to the blog to learn more. (This drives people to their website.) Then, we create an email blast to their entire database using the content from the blog.

That’s one piece of content shared multiple ways. You can do the same with video. You can create one video and post it in multiple places. You can even take clips out of the video and use it separately.

Another example is to take content from a presentation that you’ve given. Take a section from that and use it for a blog, social media, and email.

Again, the idea is to create something one time and use it in multiple ways.


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