This One Thing Will Improve Your Website…

I’m a big follower of Donald Miller from Story Brand. He always says, “If you confuse, you lose.” This is true for all your marketing, but it’s especially true for your website.

Your website needs to explain what you do without a lot of flowery language or industry jargon.

Here’s an example, I recently came across a website for a computer company and here’s what the first line of their site says: 

We are a custom-building, full-service computer sales and service company providing a “personal service touch” attitude with our customers


A better way to say this is how my friend Pravin Thakur from PM Computing does it. Right in the header of his website it says… 

“We Fix Computers!!!”


With one glance, you know exactly what he does!! No confusion. 

If you visit both sites which one are you going to call? I think that’s a no-brainer.

Use simple language that makes it easy for customers to understand what you do and put it right on the header of your website.  If you do this, I promise your business will increase!

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